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A fantasy proofreader you can count on

You have a story. You’re almost ready to publish. You need a fantasy proofreader.

“Working with H has been an absolute dream.”

They’re very communicative, transparent and adaptable. It was a really straightforward and effortless process, with H’s flexibility and speed making everything easy.
H clearly puts effort and time into making their services accessible and inclusive, working with clients’ needs.
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How proofreading fits into publishing your fantasy story

Proofreading is the second-to-last step in publishing, taking place after formatting and before publication.

Like an editor, proofreaders check the text for mistakes. Instead of making major changes, a proofreader looks for typos, missing words and punctuation, and more.

Publishing services for fantasy writers

When self-publishing a fantasy novel, the most essential publishing services are:

  • Editing (developmental editing, copy-editing, line-editing)
  • Formatting
  • Covert art
  • Proofreading

Not everyone can afford all the publishing services they might need. For many writers, just one editing service is necessary.

If you’re on a budget, doing formatting yourself is a common way of saving money. You shouldn’t skip a proofreading service if you do. Many formatters have their own proofreaders!

Remember to schedule a proofreader ahead of time to fit into your publishing timeline.

I work directly with self-publishing authors to proofread fantasy short fiction, anthologies, and novels.

Once contacted, I provide a 1000-word sample proofread so you can be confident in my skills. I quote for the whole project based on word count and my availability, striving to work within your publishing timeline.

When it’s time, you send me the work as a PDF, which I’ll proofread using commenting tools for maximum clarity and ease. When I return the work, it’s up to you (and your formatter) to apply any corrections and queries that come up.

I can also proofread short fiction in Word and Google Docs for fantasy writers submitting to competitions, lit mags, and anthologies.

The advantages of having a fantasy proofreader in the UK include:

  • familiarity with UK English, if that’s what you’re writing in
  • similar timezones if you have questions or I send you queries
  • no extra costs to account for currency exchange

Thorough proofreading ensures the best quality writing; no more worrying about typos.

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling mistakes & typos
Punctuation errors
Grammar errors
Capitalisation errors
Spacing errors


Font consistency
Heading consistency
Paragraph style consistency
Contents consistency
Page number consistency

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