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Enhancing words and ensuring accessibility

H Noss Proofreads is a proofreading service for anyone who relies on the written word to show the quality of their work – whether it’s a website or an entire book.

I enhance words and ensure accessibility for all so you can focus on what you enjoy working on.

I work with self-publishing authors, businesses, and independent publishers on content ranging from websites and marketing materials to fantasy novels and LGBTQ+ fiction.

My story

I always spotted typos and mistakes in the books I read. I often found myself struggling to read blogs that were laden with errors, no matter how informative or relevant they were to me.

When I started taking my writing seriously, I joined a writing critique group and found I was equally proficient at spotting their errors. Many are easy to miss – double spaces, missing punctuation, and typos that spell check just can’t spot (“that” versus “than”).

However, I also found how easy it is to gloss over my own mistakes.

While software is getting better, errors are still prevalent, or new errors are added by the AI presuming you mean “dead” instead of “dear”.

Working with the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme helped me see proofreading as a viable business. With their mentorship and support from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, I began my professional journey as a proofreader.

Keeping your words under your control is an important part of how I work. You should never feel pressured to change something that works for you.

I know how hard it is to deal with criticism, no matter how well-meant, especially when it is your work and your words. Because of my own experiences, I want to help people with clearing up errors while being flexible, by suggesting but never pushing for changes.

Working on a desktop computer allows me to reduce my enviromental impact.

Psst… I hid a mistake in this section. Did you spot it? Let me know.


Ensuring the accessibility of your text so your readers find it easy to read. It’s essential to be accessible on the web.


My work is completely paperless – everything is done digitally, from email to Microsoft Word.


I ensure quality across platforms, whether you’re attracting customers with your website or publishing your own book.


Everyone should be given the same opportunities and the same welcome, regardless of what makes us different.


I remove confusion by being consistent in my work, your work, and our communication.


Not everything has to be done by forcing industry standards. If you want to write a certain way, I’ll keep it that way, no matter what the rules say.

The Team

H Noss



Admin Assistant


Security Consultant

Entry-Level Member of the CIEP
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