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Short story ideas for fantasy writers

Struggling to write? Take a step into my virtual prompt shelter and find all kinds of short story ideas for fantasy writers here.

Fantasy is one of the furthest-reaching genres out there, with all kinds of sub-genres to explore. Whether you prefer to incorporate magic into a modern world, worldbuild an endless continent of your own, or go even bigger and better, there’s lots to explore in this genre.

Find some prompts below to get your creativity flowing with short story ideas.

Any acknowledgement or credit for using any of my prompts is always appreciated, whether it’s linking to my website from yours or a social media shoutout.


Fantasy writing prompts

You can take just one prompt or combine any of the following for one story! Every prompt is entirely up to your interpretation.

You’ll find prompts for characters, words, settings, tropes, plotlines, and something sensory below.

Characters: A forest-dwelling recluse. A talking bird. A travelling merchant.

Words: Blade. Dispute. Quadruped. Hive. Snapping. Revolutionary.

Settings: Mountain cliff. Castle kitchen. Hidden world.

Tropes: Master-Apprentice Chain. Can’t Argue With Elves. I See Dead People.


  • A magical disease causes the infected to have glowing eyes.
  • The monarch is set to marry a monster.
  • The toll to pay is 500 gold pieces or your dominant hand.
  • The dragon hoards unusual trinkets: cookware, curtains, and chairs.
  • A character has been commissioned to forge the ultimate sword for a mysterious figure.
  • They find a treasure map leading to an impossible prize.

Sensory: Moonlight.

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