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Summer romance writing prompts

When it comes to seasonal or holiday romances, there are two seasons most romance writers gravitate towards: summer and winter. These summer romance writing prompts will put you in the mood for a steamy fling or reawakened passion.

Most summer romances take place in small towns, hot destination spots, and glamorous resorts. But don’t fret – think of all the events that happen when the sun comes out. Beach trips, water parks, and music festivals can all be equally romantic anywhere you go.

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Summer romance writing prompts

22 summer romance writing prompts

You can take just one prompt or combine any of the following for one story! Every prompt is entirely up to your interpretation.

You’ll find prompts for characters, words, settings, tropes, plotlines, and something sensory below.

Characters: A beekeeper. A flower-loving chef. A landscaper.

Words: Lotion. Warmth.

Settings: A rocky beach. A gardening show. A pool.

Tropes: Cue the Sun. Heat Wave. Making a Spectacle of Yourself.


  • They rush for the last bit of shade.
  • A retreat is meant to be relaxing, but instead they’re stuck in hell.
  • The flowers keep wilting; they need an expert to save them.
  • Seeing someone in danger of heatstroke, they begin fanning a stranger.
  • Their ice cream topples from the cone, but laughter makes up for their disappointment.
  • Every resort has that one really flirty staff member.

Sensory: Fruity.

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