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Free agent query letter feedback for Trans Awareness Month

Last year, I offered free agent query letter feedback for trans and non-binary writers. This year, it’s back, it’s bigger, and it better not come with any sickness.

During 2022’s Trans Awareness Month, I finally caught COVID. Earlier this year, I offered discounted services for LGBTQ+ writers and fiction throughout Pride Month… and broke my ankle. Two horrible firsts I could have done without!

But I enjoyed talking with and giving feedback to writers last Trans Awareness Month, so this year I’m bringing it back! With a bonus: I’ll also be offering free proofreading for book synopses.

Free feedback on agent query letters for all trans & non-binary writers this Transgender Awareness Month with H Noss Proofreads.

What does agent query letter feedback involve?

If you’re a trans or non-binary person, including anyone who feels they fall under those umbrella terms, you can get free agent query letter feedback just by emailing me your cover letter template (and synopsis, if you like).

While every agent query letter should be personalised to the agent or publisher you’re submitting too, it’s recommended to save yourself time by having some kind of template. I’ll provide feedback on whatever letter you send me, critiquing your letter to improve it by:

  • checking the amount of words you’ve written
  • suggesting ways of strengthening your letter
  • using my knowledge and experience of cover letters to find weak points that could be left out
  • proofreading what you’ve written so no typos distract from your words

With your synopsis, I’ll proofread what you’ve written to eliminate typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar errors, and check the formatting if you provide it in a .docx file.

Want to just send me the synopsis without your cover letter? Go for it! Want to send me multiple cover letters? Feel free to!

Worried about the feedback you’ll receive? I promise, the way I provide feedback, you’ll feel sandwiched by positivity amongst my constructive criticism, and you don’t even have to change anything you don’t want to. This is a positive, inclusive query review experience.

To get feedback, email and tell me about yourself: what you’re writing, what you’ve written, and whatever else you’d like.

But what if you’re not ready yet?

I understand: it’s NaNoWriMo, you might still be working on your novel, or maybe you’re going through edits still. You don’t want to deal with your agent query pack just yet, let alone get feedback on it!

While my free feedback is only available during November to celebrate Trans Awareness Month, if you really want to get in touch outside of the month then you absolutely can.

If you’re a trans or non-binary writer in the UK, I also provide a (paid) proofreading service for agent query packs, which also includes feedback as part of that on your agent query letter and synopsis.

Facebook groups are a great place to ask a multitude of writers all at once for feedback on your query letter, though most of those opinions will come from a writer’s perspective rather than an editor’s. Still, one group I’m part of with other editors and publishing service providers often gets requests for feedback on cover letters: Beta Reading/Proofing/Editing.

There are also paid agent query letter critique and review services available elsewhere. You can get feedback from editors on Reedsy, pay another freelance editor to review it for you, or check gig sites like Fiverr for the same service.

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