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Romance writing prompts for short fiction

Romance fiction is always craved, whether for an easy read or to delve into fantasies that just aren’t possible. There are millions of romance fans out there, always looking for something new to read. Excite and intrigue your readers with these romance writing prompts.

Writing prompts are great for submitting to writing competitions and magazines, of which many ask for cosy romances. Romance short fiction is also massively popular, with short stories, novelettes, novellas, and anthologies published by prolific writers.

Explore something new with the writing prompts I’ve compiled below.

Any acknowledgement or credit for using any of my prompts is always appreciated, whether it’s linking to my website from yours or a social media shoutout.


Romance writing prompts

You can take just one prompt or combine any of the following for one story! Every prompt is entirely up to your interpretation.

You’ll find prompts for characters, words, settings, tropes, plotlines, and something sensory below.

Characters: A chef. A nymph. A character with an embarrassing secret.

Words: Violet. Oasis. Gardening. Striptease. Buttercream. Protective.

Settings: A garden party. A local museum. A cat café.

Tropes: The Matchmaker. Secret Admirer. Double In-Law Marriage.


  • Falling in love during the length of a pregnancy.
  • A date that takes place in a zoo.
  • The journey to a 50th wedding anniversary.
  • 3 barriers to a relationship: a jealous friend, a narrow-minded relative, and a stressful engagement party.
  • Pet lovers who bond over a love for their pets; but the pets don’t get along.
  • Swept up in fantasies, a character gets into debt over impressing their partner.

Sensory: Velvet.

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