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Queerly Written UK | an LGBTQIA+ writers network

Finding a safe community online can be difficult, especially when some social media channels have been dominated with homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise bigoted people. As a queer writer, I realised I didn’t have a solid community, so I sought about setting up one.

Enter Queerly Written UK: an LGBTQIA+ Writers Network on Facebook.

Facebook isn’t my favourite platform by far, there are all kinds of issues with it, but for a free social media platform with the potential to meet others? It’s sadly the best we have, especially in setting up a group.

I co-created Queerly Written UK to be an LGBTQ+ writers community where we could find support from others. Whether you’re an indie writer, published, or just getting started, I want this to be a community you can turn to when you have questions or want to share your successes.

To join the group, you just need to find us on Facebook and apply to join. The membership questions you have to answer help us filter out spam and some bad actors. Once you’ve been approved as a member, you can begin connecting with other writers.

This LGBTQ+ writers group is only open to those in the UK, so we’re all in the same timezone. Some people might want to set up more local groups, which they can do via the network. Others might just want to ask for support to write UK-specific stories, or find information about the UK publishing industry.

I’m not including a link to the group here, in case this attracts spam. You can find us by searching ‘Queerly Written UK’ in the Facebook search bar.

Let’s create a thriving, safe community.

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