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Pay what you want
website proofreading service

I understand that website proofreading can be critical to the success of your online marketing strategy, but many small businesses might not budget for the service. That’s why I provide a pay what you want proofreading service for websites.

A pay what you want service allows you to control the price, and I won’t ask for you to pay anything until you’ve seen the finished product.

Can recommend H Noss to anyone!

Working with H Noss has been a pleasure, no question was a issue for them, and got all the work back in a prompt way and clear.
Small Business Owner

Brilliant service & highly recommend!

Well this was a service I didn’t even realise I needed in my life and now will not be going without in the future! H is super professional and made it all really easy and clear for me to understand. Can’t rate H enough. Thank you
Small Business Owner

What is website proofreading?

Because websites are the online face of a business, they need to look flawless and professional. The amount of effort you put into your website is reflective of how much effort you’ll put into your services.

Website proofreading provides essential checks to make your website look the best it can be. Typos and grammatical errors on your website diminish the credibility of your business. Consistency in language, style, and formatting makes your business website look polished and cohesive.

Proofreading can also help ensure your messaging is on point by checking for clear and concise information.

In addition to these essential checks, my website proofreading service also checks for broken or misleading links, and I even provide SEO feedback to help your search engine ranking.

Search engines also don’t like typos and grammatical errors, because it suggests the content is poor quality. This can make it difficult for potential customers to find your website in the first place.

Benefits for small businesses

Website proofreading benefits small businesses by:

  • Ensuring your website content is accurate, error-free, and consistent
  • Improving user experience by making your website easier to read and navigate
  • Aiding search engine optimisation for relevant keywords and phrases
  • Checking your content is clear and easy to understand

I work with businesses to make you look as trustworthy and professional as possible.

Customers are more likely to trust businesses that look professional and polished, especially for service providers and more expensive products. A professional appearance, even across the words on your website, helps convey competence and expertise to build confidence in your potential customers.

If you have a lot of competition, having no typos or errors on your website can help you stand out and attract customers.

My proofreading service helps you to build trust and credibility to gain more customers and improve your SEO.

How I work with small businesses

If you’re like most small businesses, you probably work alone or only work with one or two other people. You might not have worked with freelancers before, so this is the process I use to work with you:

  • You reach out to me via email or my enquiry form below, letting me know you’re interested in my pay what you want website proofreading service. It’s important to include a link to your website.
  • I’ll get back to you and let you know when I have availability to proofread your website. I’ll also ask a few questions, such as whether you want only a few webpages proofread or all of them.
  • Once you get back to me and my schedule is open, I proofread your website by viewing it as any potential customer will see it. I create a report with any corrections I find, as well as any feedback on SEO.
  • I send you the report and you review it. I’ll ask you how much you’d like to pay for the service.
  • You confirm how much you pay for the service and I’ll send you either an invoice or payment link, depending on your preference. You pay, and that’s it!
  • If you have time, I’ll also ask you to leave a review on Trustpilot or give me direct feedback to add to my testimonials here on my website.

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling mistakes & typos
Punctuation errors
Consistency errors
Grammar errors
Capitalisation errors
Spacing errors


Images not overlaying text
Legibility checked
Heading consistency
Paragraph style consistency
List consistency
Font consistency

What you get from my website proofreading service

  • A report outlining any corrections for you to make
  • Complete control on which corrections to make and which to ignore
  • SEO feedback, such as keywords you could target or ways to increase your ranking

Ready to enhance your website?

Use the button below to send an enquiry via email or fill out the form.

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