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Non-binary authenticity reader for your book

Sensitivity reading and authenticity reading is the same thing, but authenticity reading is the preferred term for many. Authenticity readers focus on providing feedback on how authentic and real the characters (or settings or plots) come across.

Consider this: a book has two protagonists, one of whom is non-binary, and the author identifies as cisgender. They work with me to ensure that their non-binary character is portrayed authentically. I offer feedback on how their character comes across, so they can make any changes and feel confident in how they’ve written the character.

This ensures more of their readers will be comfortable reading their story, and readers who are uninformed about non-binary people won’t be misinformed about stereotypes.

Sensitivity reading is an inaccurate term which encourages the misconception that sensitivity readers censor writing. This isn’t the case at all. Authenticity readers simply want to help authors portray more diverse characters and plots without encouraging inaccurate or harmful depictions.

H provided critical and supportive feedback that was perfect for a first time writer, going over and above what was expected in several areas. I would definitely recommend them, and will use their services again.
Matt P
fantasy author
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