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Ho, ho, ho: Christmas romance writing prompts

Christmas is a time for family, love, and presents. Mostly presents. So what better present to give than a romantic story revolving around Christmas cheer? These Christmas romance writing prompts might give you that spark you need to write a story for a loved one or to publish just in time for people to get into the Christmas spirit.

All prompts are completely focused on the commercial Christmas season, without any religious references.

Any acknowledgement or credit for using any of my prompts is always appreciated, whether it’s linking to my website from yours or a social media shoutout.

Christmas romance writing prompts

You can take just one prompt or combine any of the following for one story! Every prompt is entirely up to your interpretation.

You’ll find prompts for characters, words, settings, tropes, plotlines, and something sensory below.

Characters: A shop owner. A volunteer elf. A widow.

Words: Jolly. Frost. Sledge. Fireplace. Pudding. Bow.

Settings: Santa’s grotto. Ski slope. Christmas market.

Tropes: Christmas Miracle. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Nixon. Hurrying Home for the Holidays.


  • A baby is born on Christmas day.
  • It’s their first Christmas in a new holiday home; now they have all the privacy they could want to explore it.
  • The search for a perfect Christmas gift: the ring of their partner’s dreams.
  • With the first snow comes their first kiss.
  • A character is usually such a grinch at Christmas, but this year they finally shed that persona to plan an unforgettable Christmas Day for their partner.
  • Their Christmas wish comes true: the snowperson they’ve built becomes real.

Sensory: Snowflakes.

Bestselling Christmas romance book plots

When you look at the highest rated Christmas romance books, you’ll find a whole host of ideas for writing your own story. Many of these entries are part of a massive romance saga, capitalising on fans of the saga and the seasonal theme of Christmas.

Some of the most common plots include:

  • A family’s Christmas spirit being threatened.
  • Family drama when relatives gather together.
  • A Christmas wedding.
  • Falling in love with a new partner and the Christmas season.
  • Meeting a true love at Christmas time, losing contact with them, and then finding them again.
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