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Gain more customers with a business website proofreading service

A business website proofreading service finds the pesky typos hiding in your website, making customers more likely to see you as a professional, trustworthy business.

Communicate clearly

Tell your customers exactly what you do and avoid confusing them or driving potential leads away.

Show quality

Give your website the best level of quality possible, from design to copy.

Improve consistency

Keep consistency in punctuation and branding to demonstrate your professionalism.

“Well this was a service I didn’t even realise I needed in my life and now will not be going without in the future!”

H is super professional and made it all really easy and clear for me to understand. Can’t rate H enough. Thank you.
Small Business Owner

How proofreading benefits your business website

A proofreading service helps your business by:
• demonstrating your professionalism
• enhancing your online presence
• ensuring consistency
• improving legibility
• boosting user experience
• communicating clearly to your customers
• helping you rise in search results

The impact of a business website proofreading service

A mockup of a website before a website proofreading service was hired.
The uncorrected website pre-proofreading.
A mockup of a website after corrections were made with a website proofreading service.
The corrected website after proofreading and corrections were made.

Which website would you trust
with your money?

Do typos really turn customers away?

Research shows that typos and other copy errors on websites have an impact on how potential customers view your business.

Typos can cause potential customers to view your business as untrustworthy, unprofessional, and cheap. It’s hard to assess the impact of a stray typo because most customers will move on without giving your business another thought!

Learn more about the importance of website proofreading.

Search engines care about errors in your copy even more than humans.

Typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors tell search engines that your website has poor writing.

If you have these issues, search engines will rank your website lower than your competitors!

A business website proofreading service can help improve your website conversions.

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling mistakes & typos
Punctuation errors
Consistency errors
Grammar errors
Capitalisation errors
Spacing errors


Images not overlaying text
Legibility checked
Heading consistency
Paragraph style consistency
List consistency
Font consistency

Ready to enhance your website with my business website proofreading service?

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